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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grilled Kielbasa

Last night my wife thought that Kielbasa sausage on a bun sounded good, so I made a quick trip to the store and picked up some turkey sausage, whole-wheat buns, potato-salad, and relish.

It was already getting later in the evening, and I realized it would take at least forty-five minutes to light the BBQ and then grill the sausages.  I remembered that our new Electrolux range came with a cast-iron griddle/grill that sits over the burners.  We had not used it, so this would be a great time to try it out.

I retrieved the griddle from our garage and gave it a rinsing.  I placed the griddle on one side of the range, turned on the two burners below it to medium hot.  With the griddle heating, I freed the kielbasa sausage from its plastic wrap, and then cut it into four lengths.  The two ends I cut a little longer so they would be about the same length as the bun.

I placed the sausages on the hot grill and I turned them about every minute to keep them from burning.  Occasionally I had to prop them against each other to keep them from rolling so that I could heat up all sides.  After about six minutes, we were ready to eat.

We had the kielbasa sausage on whole-wheat buns, with Monastery Mustard, relish, (onions for my wife) and catsup accompanied by potato salad and an apple.

It was fun for me to use the grill inside which is a totally new experience.  The turkey kielbasa are low in fat, so they didn’t spray grease all over the stove top, so all we had to do was let the griddle cool off and give it a light washing and cleanup was compete.

I am looking forward to our next grilling on the range and see if it as successful.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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  1. I have the same Electrolux range and the same grill/griddle--I love them both. though we just cooked some burgers on it with Bulgogi sauce on them and the sugar in the sauce burned on the grill. any suggestions on cleaning this thing?