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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favorite Implements - Tongs

For the last thirty years, whenever I needed to BBQ or grab corn from hot water I always used my trusty wire tongs.  I had two pairs of them so when one got contaminated with raw meat, I could switch to the other pair.  These worked very well even if they are starting to get a little rusty, and one came apart at the joint to I riveted it back together.

Very early this year, I decided to get some new tongs.  I watched Alton Brown use his service grade tongs and I wanted to have some like them.  So, on a trip to a kitchen store one day I purchased a pair.  After I got home and used them, I found that I liked them so well that on our next trip, I purchased another pair.

Now I have two pairs of heavy-duty tongs to use.  I have two different lengths with two different grabbing ends and I like them both for different uses.  The long pair with the plastic ends are great for when I BBQ and for when I use a non-stick pan.  The shorter pair with the metal ends is perfect for close in work on top of the range.

The feature that I really like is that these new tongs are spring loaded to open, but they have a locking mechanism in the back so you can lock them closed for storage and when running them through the dishwasher.  To lock the tongs closed you simply squeeze the tongs together, and then pull out the little tab at the back of the tongs.  To open, you push the tab in.  What is really nice is you can open the tongs with one hand, grab the tongs and then push the back down on the counter top to push the tab in, and the tongs open.

My wife and I were at a kitchen store one day, I saw a woman trying to pry open a pair of these tongs, and I was able to share with her the “little trick” of getting them open.  I’m not sure she really appreciated me telling her.

I still have my old wire tongs; they are great for moving the hot briquettes around in the bottom of the BBQ and I never have to wash them.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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