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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Traveling, Austria to Slovenia

This is another installment regarding food and travel experiences from our 2007 Fall Europe trip. My last post about this trip was about the small hotel we found on the German/Austrian border. After we left the little hotel, we drove through the middle of Salzburg and headed for Slovenia. We chose Slovenia because of the beautiful scenery (and the famous dessert) around the resort town of Lake Bled.

At one point we traveled down the A10 freeway through a very long tunnel in the Alps. When we emerged from the other end of the tunnel, we were in a picturesque little valley with a castle covering the top of a hill. We thought the castle was very interesting so we exited the freeway and drove up a mountain on the far side of the valley to get a good view of the Castle Werfen.

One thing we like to do when traveling is purchase some of the local snacks. In this case they were strangely enough, paprika crackers in the shape of a kangaroo. The kangaroo crackers were good and tasted like a BBQ flavored potato chip. I though it would make a fun photo to have a perspective photo with the kangaroo and the castle.

We drove down to the base of the castle to check on visits and tours, but as much as we would like, we didn’t have the time it would take to hike up the hill and tour the castle. We decided to continue our trip to Lake Bled in Slovenia.

While passing the town of Sittal, we could see from the freeway a giant red chair sitting in a store parking lot and we had to go look. We pulled into the parking lot of a Spar supermarket and parked under the chair (that’s our rental car underneath). It was Sunday and the market was closed, so we sat in our car under the giant chair and had our lunch. We are always prepared for days with lots of driving with cheeses, bread, fruit and yoghurt. We carry small folding cups and plastic utensils, so we can eat just about anywhere.

After our lunch, we were back on the road to Slovenia. When we reached the border of Slovenia, we were required to show our passports before entering. We pulled off the road, entered the information for Lake Bled into our GPS. We were very surprised to find that the included maps of Europe only provide information on the main highways for many of the former Soviet Bloc countries. Fortunately, Lake Bled (not on the main highway) was very easy to find and is as beautiful as advertised. Now if the food is as good!

Adventure In Food: Author: Kerry Howell