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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Dinnerware

During our kitchen remodel, there were several items that we planned to replace or augment when we were done. These are to replace our Teflon skillets and to add new colored dinnerware. (I had to look up the proper name of dinnerware to describe plates, bowls and mugs because that is what I would call them: plates, bowls and mugs!)

Many years ago, we purchased new pieces of dinnerware called cafe ware and these pieces are all white. This worked well for a number of years, but with the new kitchen, we wanted to have some more exciting colors. In January, we purchased some red plates and bowls, which we really like, and it inspired us to look for additional colors.

We recently stopped at the local kitchen store: Kitchen Kaboodle to see what was available. We didn’t like the green color offerings found on may of their dinnerware pieces, but then we arrived at the last items on their shelves from Sengware.

The Sengware offered a bolder green (pistachio) then the other dinnerware product lines so we checked the price. As it turns out Kitchen Kaboodle is closing out their sales of Sengware (maybe because Target it now offering it) and all the product was 60% off. This means we could purchase dinner plates for $5.18 each. We bought several different plates in a variety of colors; pistachio, pomello, pimento. We were unsure of the orange color (tangerina) so we just purchased a couple of mugs to check out the color when we got home.

We really enjoy how these pieces of dinnerware look (even the tangerine). We went back yesterday and purchased a large tangerina bowl (this matches the green bowl we purchased as shown in the photo with the fruit) and now we want to go back and look for some smaller soup bowls in the different colors.

Now when we prepare different dishes, we have to consider how it will look with the different colors. For instance, last night we had some spiral sliced ham from Costco with a Italian Style Risotto (also from Costco). This was a fast meal to prepare as it was late when we arrived home after exercising. We also cooked some green beans, but we thought they would not look as well on the green (pistachio) plates, so I sliced some tomatoes to add some contrasting colors.

Now there is just one more thing to think about, does the chicken recipe look best on the yellow or green plates? Now what vegetable provides the proper contrast? I may have to occasionally use the white plates.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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