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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bar Keepers Friend

As I discussed in my recent post My New Pan, we discovered the cleaner Bar Keepers Friend when we received our free skillet. This is a product we had never heard of before.

When we remodeled the kitchen, we installed a new Franke stainless steel sink.  There was a circular label on the inside of the sink bowl and once the label was removed, there was still a circular mark on the steel.  Some stainless steel cleaner that came with our refrigerator removed the mark – temporarily, but no matter what we used, after a few days, the mark would show again.

My wife read the package for the Bar Keepers Friend that said it would clean stainless steel, so she tried a little of the cleaner and it quickly removed the mark.  In fact, we were very surprised to see just how dirty the rest of the stainless steel sink was.  We thought the sink was clean, but it really had a yellowish film layer all over the inside.  The sink is now sparkling clean and looks much better than before.

With the victory over the sink circle behind her, my wife moved to the insides of our pots and pan.  She has a large stockpot that had built up a milky film on the inside bottom of the pan.  Yes, a little Bar Keepers Friend took all the accumulated film off the bottom and it now looks great.

Then she moved on to her glass flower vases that have water stains on the inside.  Again, she was victorious against the stains.  All the vases are now as sparkling clean as when they were new.

I wish that we still had our old glass shower door that I tried for hours to get clean before we finally replaced it.  I even used Comet with a power buffer to try to remove the mineral deposits.  I would like to see if Bar Keepers Friend would have cleaned that glass.

We are sold on the product and amazed at how well it cleans copper, stainless steel and glass products.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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