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Monday, March 22, 2010

Potatoes Kugel Bend

Visiting our friends Dinah and Steve in Bend this weekend, we adapted a recipe for a shredded potato dish to have as a side dish for the main course of shrimp. Our friend Dinah adapted this recipe from a magazine for Potato Kugel.
She started by preheating the oven to 400 degrees and sprayed a 9 by 13 inch glass Pyrex pan with cooking spray. Next, she chopped three small yellow onions and the bulb from a fennel plant. She sautéed the onion and fennel in a large frying pan with olive oil on medium heat until browned.
In a large bowl, we combined three eggs, the white from one egg, one package Knorrs Spring Recipe Mix, one-teaspoon salt, 1 /4-teaspoon black pepper. The original recipe called for 1 /4-cup of fresh chopped parsley and one-teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves. We didn’t have either one, so we had a group consensus to use the Knorrs mix.
After I peeled the potatoes; my wife shredded them with a box grater and then added the potatoes to the egg mixture. We cooled the onion/fennel mixture for a bit and then added it to the egg/potato mixture and stirred it all together.
The resulting mixture was transferred to the prepared dish and spread evenly across the pan then cooked for about one hour at the 400 degrees until brown on top.
We thought it tasted good and fairly low in calories, we all had second helpings. We all decided that it seemed a little bland and could have used a little more salt and pepper in the recipe. We also though that it could be improved by adding one cup of grated cheddar cheese on top about 10 minutes before it finishes cooking (so much for low fat).
We served this dish warm to accompany the shrimp in garlic butter and a green salad. We were all full from our dinner, but we all had a little more room for Traditional Bled Cream Cake (more on this to come).

Adventure In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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