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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pulled Pork Rollups

After cooking the Easy Roasted Pork Shoulder, I was left with a very large bowl of shredded pork, which I distributed, into multiple bags that I sealed and froze.  Now that these bags of pork are in the freezer, what do I do with them?  With the help of my wife and a friend, we recently came up with one answer to that question.

In a previous blog entry, I mentioned how my wife and I traveled to Corvallis Oregon to stay with a friend.  For dinner that night, we volunteered to bring a bag of the thawed shredded pork for dinner.  When we arrived we decided to and make pork rollups (soft tacos).

   2-cups pulled pork
   1-package tortilla shells (we used six-inch gluten-free rice tortillas)
   1-cup prepared guacamole
   1-cup salsa
   1-cup sour cream
   1-cup grated cheese (Tillamook extra sharp cheddar is excellent)
   8-miniature sweet peppers, sliced
   4-cups lettuce
   3-green onions, sliced

We started by washing all the vegetables, and then tearing the lettuce into smaller pieces and slicing the onions and peppers.  Next, we grated the cheese and heated the pork in the microwave.

The next step is easy, lay one of the tortilla shells on a plate (optionally warm the tortilla), and layer the ingredients on the tortilla.  Once the desired mix of ingredients are added, the tortilla can be rolled for eating by hand or left flat for more refined eating with a fork.  The biggest problem that I encounter when preparing my rollups is that I use too much of each ingredient, which makes it difficult to roll the tortilla and keep all the contents inside.  I guess the answer would be to use a larger diameter tortilla, but then I would just add additional ingredients inside and be back where I started.

We enjoyed our dinner with the pulled pork rollups.  It is refreshing to have the crunch of the peppers to contrast with the other soft ingredients and add some body to the meal.  The nice thing about this meal is each diner can make their own rollup with their own set of ingredients.  This is also a summer great meal (when it is 90+ degrees outside), the rollups can be made without using the stove or oven.  I thought it was a great time to try a new recipe with the frozen pork.  One package of shredded pork used, and three frozen packages to go.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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