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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Le Patissier – Almond Cream Croissant

This morning I missed an early viewing of my favorite yearly two-week sporting event showing scenes of France.  I am referring to the Tour de France being shown on the Versus channel.  On a typical race day, I will get up, get my breakfast, and watch the Tour that I recorded on our DVR starting at about 5 am.  However, yesterday my wife and I drove to Corvallis Oregon to spend the night at a friend’s house.  Because we were out of town, I had to wait until this afternoon when we arrived home to watch the recorded program.

Yet this morning I did get a taste of France.  My wife and I drove about a mile from our friend’s house to a small French bakery: La Patissier.  When I walked in the door, the smell told me we were in France!  The wonderful aromas found in an authentic French bakery are unlike the smells found in US bakeries. 

I reviewed the display case and looked at all the fine pastries: several varieties of croissants, cream cheese danish, Pain au Chocolat and apple turnovers.  We made sure that we arrived at Le Patissier about 9 am, as we knew they often sell out of the popular pastries by 10 am.  Now I must admit that I already knew what I was going to order (because my wife brought one home to me the previous week), I ordered an Almond Cream Croissant.

We sat at one of the small tables and enjoyed our pastries while French music played softly in the background.  The croissant tasted just as they do in France; just crispy on the outside almost to being burned, but light and soft on the inside.  Most croissants offered to consumers in the states are soft rubbery imitations of French cooking.  The croissants sold at Le Patissier are the real thing.

What makes the Almond Cream Croissant unique is after it is baked, the croissant is sliced in half, and the center is spread with almond cream.  The almond cream is not overly sweet and adds just the right amount of creamy texture in the center of the croissant.  I savored every bite of my croissant and felt the only thing missing from my experience was the chatter of people speaking French.

I may not have been able to watch the Tour de France first thing in the morning, but I was able close my eyes and be transported to France and enjoy the wonderful smells and tastes that I have experienced in the past.  Go teams Columbia and Radio Shack!
au revoir.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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  1. Hi Kerry! If you like this, have you tried Saint Honoré Boulangerie on NW 23rd and Thurman? Allegedly the baker is French and brought his oven over with him. Pricey but worth checking out for a treat - similar fragrance, I expect!