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Monday, June 7, 2010

Traveling – Springhill, Montana

After we left Glacier National Park during our July 2005 vacation, we headed to Yellowstone National Park to spend a few days.  Along the way we stopped in Bozeman Montana to visit a family friend, then spent the night at a small bed and breakfast in Springhill, which is a small community just North of Bozeman.

We choose Springhill because my Great Aunt lived there and many of her descendants still live in the area.  We chose the Artful Lodger Bed and Breakfast, which is surrounded by my Great Aunt’s property because another friend of ours grew up with Ken (that owns and runs the Bed and Breakfast) and told us about his Bed and Breakfast.

The Artful Lodger is a small establishment with two buildings for sleeping: cabin and barn.  Don’t let the name cabin and barn deceive you, we stayed in the cabin and it is nicer than many four and five star hotels where we have stayed.  It was very peaceful to stay at the Artful Lodger, there is a small creek that runs through the property, and Ken has made a nice bridge across the creek to the sauna and hot tub facilities.

Ken took us on a walk of the area and pointed out place of interest as it relates to our family.  He also took us inside the Springhill pavilion that rented as a site for weddings.  The pavilion was used for the wedding in the Robert Redford movie: Horse Whisperer.  Ken also showed us the former site of my Great Aunt’s big red barn that was used in the movie A River Runs Through It.

After a restful night in the cabin, we were treated to breakfast in the main house Ken cooked for us.  It consisted of scones, bacon, skillet baked omelet, fruit, and hot beverages.  It was a great way to start our day before our drive to Yellowstone.  We really enjoyed our relaxing time in Springhill and I look forward to when we can visit again.

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