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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hillsboro Saturday Market – Yellow Cauliflower

Last Saturday I attended our local street market and purchased a few items.  I usually don’t visit a large fresh produce stand because it is always busy.  I attended the market a little later in the day and most of the crowd had left.  I saw the produce stand had some great prices on red potatoes, so I stepped in to look around.

I was very surprised to see yellow cauliflowers, so I had to buy one to try.  We don’t eat a lot of cauliflower because it is kind of bland tasting and when steaming, I usually overcook it and it gets a little mushy.  I figured that any cauliflower that was yellow in color was worth trying.  I also purchased a fennel plant and rounded out my haul with some green peas.

Last night I looked in my How to Cook Everything cookbook and didn’t see any recipes for cauliflower that interested me, so I decided to steam the cauliflower florets’.  I separated the florets’ and put them in the steamer until just cooked.  So far so good, they are not mushy.

For dinner, we had some leftover barbecued chicken thighs, brown rice, asparagus, and the steamed cauliflower.  The yellow cauliflower didn’t seem to have any more taste than the white variety.  Both my wife and I detected a slight smoky flavor, but we think it was a stray flavors from the chicken (the smoky flavor off the chicken was very strong).

I may try another cauliflower recipe, but next time it will have some other ingredients to add a little more flavor.  Anyone have any favorite cauliflower recipes?

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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