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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Traveling – England

The last stop on our Fall 2007 European adventure was England.  After traveling from Paris via the chunnel we stayed two nights in a very posh hotel just at the top of the theater district.  The breakfast at the hotel was British: cooked tomatoes, sausages, potatoes, not much to write about. 

After the two nights, we moved out of London to a very nice resort hotel in Oxfordshire; the Oxford Belfry Hotel‎.  We enjoyed our stay at this hotel though again the food was not spectacular.

What we did enjoy was an afternoon we spent in the small town of Thames.  In Thames we found The Black Horse where we ate lunch.  The Black Horse is an old traditional Inn with a restaurant on the main floor.  The décor is dark as everything most of the furnishings are made of wood.  The inside looked just as I would imagine an old English pub.  What else would you order at a pub, but Fish and Chips and a pint of Guinness.

The fish were excellent, light and flaky, some of the best we have eaten.  The chips were ok, a little on the limp side, but the highlight of the meal was the Guinness.  I have had Guinness before and it tasted fine, but nothing spectacular.  The pint that we had from the tap was excellent; it had a full flavor without being bitter.  Once we returned home, we tried some bottled Guinness that is supposed to be the same as from a tap – it isn’t.

The British is not be known for their outstanding cuisine, but they do have many fine food choices and they know how to cook their fish as well as make some great beer.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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