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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oven Fried Chicken Breasts with Honey-Yogurt Drizzle

I am surprised that I chose this recipe as there is no picture to show me what it would look like, I guess it just sounded good.  This is another Paula Deen recipe from The Deen Family Cookbook on page 158.  This is beginning to sound like Julie-Julia or Kerry-Paula blog.  Not to worry, there will be other recipes discussed (though not today or tomorrow).

I used to make oven fried chicken using a recipe on the back of the Bisquick box, but after several years, the taste and texture got a little old, and we decided not to make it any more.

This recipe was very easy for me to make.  At the store I purchase the four chicken breasts, a six-ounce container of plain yogurt, and a box of Corn Flakes.

I prepared to cook by setting our bottom oven (the little one) to 350 degrees and getting out one of our Bakers Secret cookie sheets that I sprayed with PAM then I setup our rice cooker and started one cup of brown rice to cook.  I put about three cups of the Corn Flakes in a gallon sized zip lock bag and then rolled over them with a rolling pin to crush them into smaller chunks.  I added the salt, pepper and garlic powder into the zip lock bag and I was ready for the chicken. 

I trimmed the fat off the each chicken breast and patted them dry.  I poured about a half cup of buttermilk into a small bowl, and then individually dipped each chicken breast into the buttermilk coating each side.  From the buttermilk the chicken went into the bag of Corn Flake mixture and shaken to get a nice coating on all sides.  As I took each chicken breast from the bag I placed them on the cookie sheet.

Once all of the chicken breasts were coated and then laid out on the cookie sheet, I placed the cookie sheet with the chicken into the oven for 25 minutes.  The only drawback to our lower oven is it doesn’t have a connection for the built-in temperature probe, so I had to use our small Pampered Chef temperature probe to check to see the chicken breasts were done cooking.

While the chicken was cooking, I prepared the honey-yogurt sauce.  The recipe calls for four ounces of the plain yoghurt; I just used the entire six-ounce container and added extra honey then stirred them together.  I also prepared and steamed some nice tender asparagus to accompany the chicken.

When the chicken was cooked, I prepared our two plates with the chicken, rice, asparagus and then added some of the honey-yogurt sauce on the side.  It’s a good thing we had the cool in taste sauce as the recipe calls for way too much pepper on the chicken!  It was good, but very spicy.  I have to remember to reduce the pepper content in all Paula Deen recipes.

We really enjoyed this meal and it was a nice variation on the oven-fried chicken, the Corn Flakes provided a nice crunchy texture to the chicken.  I will cook again, and it is even suitable to serve to company.

(The colored plates are still on our shopping list)

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