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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kitchen Remodel - Part 1

After 20 years in our house, we decided to remodel the kitchen. All of the built-in appliances were the original from when we bought the house new. The refrigerator we purchased in 1980 for our other house was brought over even though it was almond colored and the rest of the appliances were black. We didn't know until recently that it was quite revolutionary being a French door with bottom freezer and counter depth. Over the years, I have replaced the door seals and the internal fan and by today's standards, it was not very energy efficient. The day after we ordered our new refrigerator, the cooling fins in the freezer area of the old refrigerator froze solid with ice and the temperature in the main refrigerator went up to 50 degrees, and we lost quite a bit of food. We would have replaced the refrigerator sooner, but the opening in our cabinetry was too short for the new refrigerator, and I would have had to cut off the bottom of the cabinets to get it to fit in the space.

Our dishwasher sounded like a cement truck while it washed dishes and we would flee the room when it ran. The springs in the door had broken so many times that the internal door stops were bent. When we opened the door all the way, it was at such an angle that it made a ramp to the floor. When we pulled out the bottom dish rack, it would keep rolling and end up on the floor.

The garbage disposal was akin to a jet aircraft engine when it was in operation, though not as efficient.
We had an electric cook top with downdraft venting mounted in our island. As for the venting aspect, maybe 5% of the vapors would actually be sucked out by the poor design. I won't even go into the grease fiasco one time when we were cooking bacon.

We had noticed that the soffits above our cabinets (why didn't the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling!) must have been added on a late Friday afternoon before a three day holiday as none of the sides were square to anything. They were all five to ten degrees off square and were just plain ugly!

We decided about a year earlier to plan all the aspects of a remodel that included the kitchen, breakfast nook, and family room. We wanted to have an understanding about all the basics as well as options we could incorporate. We went to several remodeling shows, looking at all the available products and talking with the contractors, we made many trips to the appliance stores. We made check lists and priced out the requirements and optional items before we decided to move forward.

After I was laid off from my job, we decided to move ahead with the remodel.

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