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Friday, February 12, 2010

Kitchen Remodel - Part 3

We began the remodel process by removing all the wood baseboards in the kitchen/family area and storing them away for later when I will refinish all of them for reinstallation when all the work is competed.  Then it was time to pull up the carpet and pad.  I cut the carpet into strips so I could remove them and saved the best pieces for use on our garage floor.  Our contractor brought his dump trailer that we filled with the debris as we removed it.  I removed our gas fireplace insert and when disconnection the gas line, I managed to cut my finger on the sheet metal of the fireplace and had to drive myself to the doctor to get stitches.  Ouch!
Then the contractor and his assistant helped us remove all the appliance and cabinetry.  The cabinetry and the old appliances joined the new appliances along with some furniture to fill our two-car garage.

Now that the kitchen is torn apart, I move to cooking outside on top of our air conditioning unit, or when weather dictated, inside the garage on a tool stand (NOTE, gas cooking in an enclosed space should only be done with proper ventilation).  I would keep at least one door open in the garage whenever I was using the gas stove.

Back in house we ripped up all the pressboard underlayment in the kitchen and pulled the thousands of remaining 2-inch staples that used to fasten the pressboard to the 2x10 sub floor.  We removed the brick hearth and several layers of brick from the mantle to provide the proper scale for the room that was missing in the original design.

I posted our old built in oven and cook top on Craig's List for free and they were both picked up within two days.  The person that took the old oven, also took our old dishwasher.  I don't know if it was for the scrap metal, but it was good to have it gone!  I used our old upper cabinets in our garage to replace some cheap cabinets I put up when we moved in to the house.  I sent all the lower cabinets with a lady that had come by to quote on our under house insulation.  She was excited to get the old oak cabinets include the island and countertop.  She also took our old cast iron and porcelain sink that had a little chip on one side.  It weighed about 200 lbs so it was good to see it go.  Our old garbage disposal I sold for $5 and the person was happy to get it. 
This cleaned out half of the garage!  Yippee!
The tear out phase is now complete.

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