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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bunnymallow Treats

My wife recently mentioned to me that we had some marshmallows that needed to be used up.  On my next trip to the store, I picked up a box of Rice Krispies so that I would be ready to make marshmallow treats.  When I went to make the recipe and got out the bag of marshmallows, I found that my wife had purchased the bag around Easter, and the marshmallows were in the shape of bunnies.  I decided that no real bunnies would be injured in the cooking process of making the treats, and I decided to go ahead and make Bunnymallow Treats.

I followed the recipe printed on the box of Rick Krispies and melted the margarine in a saucepan and then added the marshmallows and stirred until all the bunnies were melted.  I was concerned at the color of the resulting mixture because the bunnies were several different pastel colors for Easter, but the resulting mixture was slightly pinkish-gray and didn’t detract from the final results.

Once all the bunnies melted, I added the Rice Krispies, mixed it all together, and spread it out in a prepared pan to cool.  Once the contents of the pan were cool, I cut the treats into two-inch squares and individually wrapped them in plastic wrap.

The bunnymallow treats are good, but had a taste that wasn’t quite right, they are almost too sweet.  I checked the package of the bunny shaped marshmallows, and they were vanilla flavored, that explains the off taste.

Making the bunnymallow treats was a great way to use up the extra marshmallows before they hardened.  I guess we could have made smores with them, but somehow using bunnies shaped marshmallows for smores just doesn’t seem right.  Next time I make marshmallow treats, I will stick to the standard white regular marshmallows without any color or flavoring.

Adventures In Food: Author: Kerry Howell

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